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ADA Group, Inc. Has provided the expertise to several small and large corporations and government agencies to help them achieve their objectives in providing better services, improve their financial position and grown their business. Our consultants have a vast array of knowledge from Mainframe Legacy systems to the latest in Internet and wireless technologies. We have the expertise to manage projects both large and small and of any complexity. In addition, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop customized software for clients across a wide range of industries from automotive, Insurance, Financial Services, Health Care, government agencies, Food Industries, manufacturing and many more.  

ADA Group, Inc. provides Quickbooks integration services for many of its clients. Small businesses often use standalone applications critical to their business in conjunction with Quickbooks. These applications and Quickbooks run independent of one another and they often generate and manage the same data. This results in having to enter the same data twice. A costly and error prone situation. We have the expertise to either develop applications that are integrated with Quickbooks or develop interfaces that intricately link your business specific application with Quickbooks.  

ADA Group, Inc. offers several other consulting services including; Reengineering, Continuous improvements in business practices, Facilitation, Business Analysis, Project Management, Development and Integration.  

We invite you to allow us to help you find solutions to your business needs.  

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